Fábrica da Nata

In 2016, Fábrica da Nata opened its first store in Praça dos Restauradores, and now has several stores in Lisbon, Porto and Sintra.

In-house Production

Our Pastéis de Nata are produced daily in our stores in full view of everyone, allowing for an almost immersive experience where you can watch the whole process live and smell the aroma of Pastéis de Nata fresh from the oven.

The spaces

Let yourself be tempted by our Pastel de Nata sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar, in our cozy lounges or on the terraces ideal for summer days.

The hero...

…who creates unique experiences

Here “THE” Pastel de Nata is the Hero.

Let yourself be tempted by the freshly baked custard tarts, sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar.
They can be bought individually (if you can only eat one) or in boxes of six.


With coffee, as a dessert, for breakfast, with a spoon or in greedy bites: no one can resist the classic Pastel de Nata. At Fábrica da Nata, you can even order it with a scoop of Pastel de Nata Ice Cream on top! ! Maintaining its confection method and ensuring rigor in the processing process, Fábrica da Nata has recreated its Pastel de Nata in the form of an ice cream. The end of this story could only be happy: the recipe gave rise to an unmissable experience.



They've known each other forever, for so long that they can't pinpoint where and when it all began. On their own they're a delight to be with, but together...
Side by side they are the perfect match, an unbeatable duo who make the word "harmony" meaningful. Their days are filled with unparalleled chemistry and silences that say it all. They mark generations, teaching them to share the complicity of so many memories, stories and traditions. They give themselves without measure to a life full of flavor, which they always know how to make it sweeter. That's how inseparable friends are.


“Natíssimo" is the superlative Pastel de Nata experience! Celebrate the sweetest formula in the portuguese tradition by accompanying "THE" Pastel de Nata with a glass of Licor 35 - the creamy Pastel de Nata liqueur. This combination tantalizes the taste buds, conquers the soul and provides the ultimate Pastel de Nata experience.

Our stores


Praça dos Restauradores

Praça dos Restauradores, 62-68
1250-110 Lisboa
Monday to Sunday– 8am to 11pm

Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta 275 A
1250-110 Lisboa
Monday to Sunday– 8am to 11pm


Colombo Shopping Center,
Av. Lusíada, Floor 2, Store 091
1500-392 Lisboa
9am to 12pm


Santa Catarina

Rua Santa Catarina, 331/335
4000-451 Porto
Monday to Sunday– 8am to 10pm

Praça Almeida Garrett

Praça Almeida Garrett 7 A-D
4000-069 Porto
Monday to Sunday– 8am to 11pm


Praça da República

Praça da República 6
2710-616 Sintra
Monday to Sunday– 8am to 8pm




Did you know that we have “live” manufacturing in all Fábrica da Nata stores?

Pastel de Nata?

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Nham nham…

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